The Reason Why You Find It Difficult To Sleep In a New Place

So I was really tired, I couldn't wait to put my head on the pillow because it felt really heavy but I just turned around on the bed to change positions, is it better to close the soles of the feet or leave them open or have to lie on their stomach sideways right or left and suddenly everything is so annoying

I saw another bed there my friend was sleeping soundly, he could sleep when he hit the pillow, arghh that's not fair, while I should to awake at 5 am, the most annoying was when I looked at my cellphone to just look at the clock and I was like, oh my gosh 3am

Last week, a few friends and I went camping in the woods and experienced similar difficulties, tired after a day of carrying things, walking for hours talking by the campfire. my eyes are 5 watts I thought I would be able to sleep right away but hmm my eyes are so bright there is no proper sleeping position, why is this? Why don't like my other friends,they just lay down for a while for 15 minutes and then go straight to sleep

What Makes It Difficult To Sleep In a New Place?

The answer is "effect of the first night" yep that's the reason. that is what to call it if you have trouble sleeping in a new place, sleep is fun but because evolution makes sleeping less comfortable when sleeping the brain turns itself off for a few hours makes you more vulnerable, you couldn't be aware of any potential dangers or can not defend yourself if something happened

There are some animals like dolphins that have a sleep system where only one part of their brain is sleeping, other parts of the brain are awake and ready to function if it detects a threat, something similar happens in our heads not because there is danger on a new place but because the brain has certain instincts to protect us. 

This is also experienced by generations long before our generation when our ancestors still lived in caves and knew that sleeping too comfortably could be dangerous but they also knew that sleeping outside of caves was not safe, which is a large part of the reason behind the first night effect

If you sleep in your bed in a room you feel comfortable in, your brain is like "alright you're safe now" But when you go to a new place nothing can help, whether it's your friend, silk pillows, or even the fact that you're in bed at a friend's house, your brain knows you are far from your cave so it can't relax letting you fall asleep just like that

It is a bit like a dolphin, one part of our brain is resting the other part is listening intently in case the unexpected happens, but your brain won't be bothering you forever with this half-sleep half-awake. If it's been two nights in a row in the same place your brain thinks it's safe here too. Maybe are your brain will let you sleep

What happens if you experience this often?

The effect of the first night isn't that bad if you only experience it occasionally, but if you change your bed frequently you may end up spending most of the time feeling tired all day, unproductive, or facing various other problems. 

Our brains have some patterns of evolution but fortunately are also quite flexible, you can outwit him and help yourself overcome the effects of the first night. Because your brain is afraid of the fact that you are in an unknown place, you can make it more recognizable by showing your brain that everything is safe.

Anticipation so you can sleep in a new place soon

You can bring your favorite things, such as pajamas, pillows, or your favorite soft blanket that you are not willing to exchange for anything hehe Do you usually drink warm milk before going to bed? doing the same thing in a new place, helps your brain recognize when it's time to relax, and going to bed at the same time will usually help. Have a habit of exercising before bed? no? yeah also me haha ​​but whatever routine you have before going to bed, do it in that new place

If you book a room at a hotel, try to find a room that has a bed similar to your bed at home if you usually sleep in a small bed it might be strange if lying on a king-size bed or carry your favorite pajamas is easier right? there is no to make sure that it will help but it's worth a try. Btw are you annoyed if there a people who can sleep anywhere? it look like really comfortable when the body goes into a warm blanket and Zzzz

The Importance Of Getting Enough Sleep

We need sleep to survive as much as we need to eat or drink, we spend about a third of our life sleeping. Scientists still don't know the reason why we sleep but here's what they've got so far. we sleep to store energy, 8 hours of quality sleep can produce enough energy for us to live a productive day that requires energy. 

Our bodies need recovery during sleep. hair and nails grow, muscles recover on their own as well as other things that happen while you are sleeping without any effort. for example, after you study for tomorrow's exam, a good night's sleep can help you remember what you've learned

Some Animals Know How To Enjoy Life 

Brown bats sleep almost 20 hours a day while giraffes only take a short nap usually Take a short 5-minute nap hmm sorry for the giraffe he doesn't know the joy of sleeping, cats obviously know how to enjoy their life spending two-thirds of their life sleeping just like in Kuala they can sleep 15 hours a day, 5 hours for being lazy and the side for eating and drinking is like me but being lazy is a little longer haha

We're the only mammals that can purposely delay sleep and the most uncool mammals :( haha, we spend 2 hours in the dream world every night, but if you want to remember your dreams you have to write them down as soon as you wake up otherwise you'll forget the beautiful thing last night

The Man Who Get The World Record

Randy Gardner set the record for the longest time without sleep in 1964. He was 17 years old when he was awake for 11 days or 264 hours. don't try this at home or anywhere. Peter Power tried to set the opposite record and he stayed asleep for 8 days straight. Amazing how come he doesn't need to wake up to go to the bathroom?

The Way And Style Of Sleep Can Show Your Nature

On average, in one night you can change sleeping positions about 20 times, your favorite sleeping position can reveal a lot about your nature. Lying on your back with your arms up near the pillow is called the starfish position, people with this habit of sleeping position tend to be good listeners who like to help others.

This type of person can also relax more easily, then there is the free fall position, this position if you sleep on your stomach with your hands up and your head wants to look to the side, some people say this type of person can't take criticism well and tends to be very frontal

Finally, there is the longing type, namely if you lie on your side with your arms stretched out in front, this type of person is a bit complex but also very open-minded, slow to make decisions but will stand firm once you have decided. the type and style of pajamas you wear to sleep also reveal many facts about your nature but we'll save it for another article hehe

If you lie in bed and almost fall asleep right away it means you are very tired and lack sleep, ideally you need about 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep, there are two specific times each day when we feel most tired that is 2 am and 2 pm that why we feel really want to sleep after the lunch break. Just show this article to your boss if tomorrow you are caught sleeping in the office haha ​​byebye

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