Why Pillows Affect to your Sleep Quality?

Are you comfortable with your pillow? The size should be right, not too big but not too flat either. If your neck and shoulders are not supported properly or are in a stretched or bent position, this throws your spine and body out of balance as a result of which you wake up with neck, shoulder and back discomfort. 

This can also happen if you use even the most perfect pillow for too long. Do you know that ideally you should replace it after 18 months? Sounds a bit long huh? but remember you spend 2,500 hours a year wearing a pillow, so there's no harm or loss either, it's for your own good too.

Check your pillow, is it still suitable for use?

Memory foam pillows can last longer for up to 3 years, but natural pillows are also more durable than synthetic ones. 

Ready to put your fluffy bed buddy to the test? 

First, remove the pillowcase and examine the pillow carefully. If there are sweat stains, tears or odors, the pillow needs to be replaced. 

You know that pillows collect dead skin cells, fungi, mold, dust mites and over time these uninvited guests accumulate and can disturb your sleep because of the smell.

So, keep trying to fold your pillow in half, if the pillow is still folded and doesn't return to its original shape, it's time to buy a new pillow.

Choose a pillow according to your sleeping style

You can choose a light and soft pillow filled with feathers, foam or other fillings. 

Quality goose down pillows are not cheap, but it's worth it if you want natural materials and super soft. 

Memory foam and latex pillows are heavier but if you don't want to change their shape or you don't move around while you sleep, these types of pillows are fine, right?

If you like sleeping on your side, you might want to consider using a body pillow or a longer pillow like a bolster for example. This helps keep your lower back and hips aligned and can relieve stress on your back.

This position can also help reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea or difficulty breathing during sleep. 

Body pillows are also good for pregnant women because they help lay down the stomach and maintain posture during sleep.

Wear nightwear

who often sleeps still wearing work clothes? no it's better to wear proper pajamas, you don't want to wake up sweating at night do you? hihi 

Soft, thin and comfortable materials are a good choice for you, choose one that has a soft and flowing texture and of course the nightgown must be made of natural materials such as cotton or silk.

Choose the right mattress

Your mattress is important too! the durability of most mattresses is 8 years, if your mattress is older than that then it's time to find a replacement.

The 3 most common types of mattresses are spring, foam and adjustable mattresses

  • People who like to sleep on their side will be more comfortable with a softer mattress, on a spring bed you can bounce because the spring coils are durable
  • People who like to sleep on their stomach need a firm mattress, choose a slightly firm mattress with a good layer and have a mattress cover that is easy to replace, that will make it last longer
  • People who like to lie down choose the middle bed

Memory foam mattresses are less springy and more comfortable because they are more stable, usually this type of mattress has several layers of foam that are heavier on the bottom and lighter on top

There is also a hybrid mattress with 2 central elements, a spring support core and comfort foam. It's the perfect mix of bounce and contour and high heat retention, this mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions

You can also experiment with air mattresses that allow you to control how much air is in it

Which is better, night people or day people?

Do you believe the popular opinion that it's better to be a morning person than a night person? in fact both can be very accomplished in life

Maybe morning people will adapt more easily and work better because generally humans work when there is sun, morning people are usually more persistent and fun.

But that doesn't mean you have to be a morning person if your productivity peaks at night, you'll feel more comfortable if you follow your natural preferences

When people wake up early at night, they are still producing melatonin and if it interferes with this process, you could end up losing money. 

Your internal clock is completely biological, you inherit the duration of the circadian cycle from your parents, for people at night this cycle is usually longer and if you try to change it, it means going against your own nature and genetics, don't force it!

Can massaging certain nerves speed up sleep?

Have you ever rubbed AN MIAN spots so you can fall asleep faster? this small dot is between the ear and the hairline behind the ear

There have been many viral videos of people rubbing this point with their thumb or forefinger, saying this relaxes the nervous system

Sleep experts have debunked this myth because sleep has to do with the brain and hormones, not massage.

"massage can work if you are too tired, so you can sleep quickly"

Well, before going to bed, make sure your room is safe and comfortable, make sure the doors and windows are locked properly, check the bathroom and kitchen to make sure all electrical devices and electronic devices are turned off.

Don't forget to lock the front door and turn off all the lights before going to bed.

I hope these tips will help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Goodnight sleep well!

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