Not making your bed means you understand the importance of health

Don't worry, you don't have to clean it right away. When you make your bed, you Indirectly make a nice nest for dust mites, for real. Your pillows, blankets and sheets may look clean but these little critters are breeding in them. 

Mites like dark places like mattresses, unfortunately we can only see them with a microscope and of course whole bed has become the target of their invasion. So, if you cover it when you make your bed in the morning, the mites will be happy to have found a suitable place to live. 

This little animal is afraid of sunlight, covering it is the same as giving mites protection, if there is sunlight and fresh air all its troops will run away.  Who's sometimes don't make your bed ? Its okay if your bed is not made, you are not lazy, but you are aware of the importance of health

Most people will feel tired 2 times in a day

Yes that's right, exactly at 2 am and 2 pm but since the only mammals that can hold sleep are humans, most of us rarely sleep at 2 pm. Remember, if you want to take a quick nap, don't lie down in your bedroom after 5 pm, you might have trouble sleeping and even stay up all night. 

The quality of sleep at night will vary, but if you are used to taking naps try not to exceed 20 minutes in duration. To overcome sleepiness, you can take a leisurely walk or drink a glass of ice water, you can also wash the water on your face so that your eyes open.

Some people have tried to overcome sleep problems in order to stay productive and enjoy their time, Leonardo Da Vinci implemented the uberman sleep schedule, he only slept for 20 minutes every 4 hours. In this way, he can explore many new things and create many paintings. 

Wow, the time allotted in a day seems more than 24 hours huh? but the drawback of such sleep schedules makes it difficult to concentrate on long-term projects. 

Another great thinker Nikola Tesla was also not a sleeper, much like to Da Vinci. He used the uberman sleep cycle, his maximum sleep time in a day is 2 hours, he even claims to have worked for 84 hours straight, 

So, if we stay up all night we can be great inventors? hmm not really

You need to stay away from blue light at least 2 hours before going to bed 

Be careful with blue light includes electronic devices like TV, laptops, and smartphones. Blue light can trick your brain so you keep thinking it's still daylight, which can cause you to have trouble sleeping. 

If you've been sleeping without opening social media, you should download an application that blocks blue light or check your settings again, you can even set it to use this night mode all day to keep your eyes stay healthy.

Do you have sudden craving for something sweet before go bed?

Don't worry, you're not alone, chocolate can really calm you down and make it easier for you to sleep, but also be aware of the caffeine in your food, this substance isn't only found in coffee, chocolate also contains a little caffeine which can also disturb your sleep.

Actually there are many foods besides chocolate that can boost productivity and help you sleep, for example berries , most of them contain antioxidants that can improve motor skills and sharpen memory, the darker the color the more antioxidants it contains. So, just choose blueberries okay? 

Mealtimes are also important

It's best not to eat food at least 1 hour before going to bed, a big meal will be too much strain on your digestive system, especially if you need to get a full 8 hours of sleep right away. So, if you want to eat at night, choose snacks such as healthy snacks, milk or cheese . 

Ah yea, did you know that the breakfast menu that you eat at night can help you fall asleep faster? Bananas, eggs and toast are full of protein and carbohydrates, both of which can help you relax and fall asleep easily. So now you know that night time breakfast is also important

When you have trouble sleeping, try using aromatherapy

Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, and rose petals are very effective for insomnia. 

If you often overthink or hallucinating at night, try doing some creative writing before going to bed or keeping a daily journal, this method can help you dispel negative thoughts. Well, if you already know, you will sleep better.

One sheep, two sheep... Whoa, this trick really works. If your focus is on going to sleep you will find it difficult to fall asleep but if your focus is on staying awake by counting sheep or doing something silly like that, chances are you will fall asleep in an instant. 

Try the counting method 478

  • By adjusting your breathing your body will become more relaxed:
  • Take a deep breath, then exhale
  • Hold your breath while counting to 4
  • Then inhale again, holding the air entering your lungs as you count to 7
  • Now, as you exhale, count to 8. 

Repeat this step several times, and your body will adjust the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to produce a relaxed response. This way, you will easily fall asleep all night. 

A tense body can be caused by stress, as a result, you will have difficulty sleeping. Try to calm yourself by thinking about things that make you happy or grateful before going to bed. When relaxed, you will sleep much more easliy

If the weather is too hot, you will also have trouble sleeping. Take one of your feet out of the blanket and let it cool down. When your body begins to relax, you will fall asleep instantly

You can also try other tricks. Use a slightly damp blanket, provided that the weather is very hot, for example, when you are on vacation at the beach but the air conditioner is broken. 

If you get cold every time you sleep , try using 2 layers of thin blankets, air will be trapped between the layers, so you can stay warm instead of just wearing one thick blanket. Conversely, a blanket that is very light, can also keep your body temperature at an optimal level. 

The bedroom also needs attention, who wants to sleep with a cold body? well, for most people the comfortable temperature is as high as 21° . If it's too hot, your body will move more and you won't be able to sleep well

If you don't like to turn down the AC, just take a hot shower before going to bed, the temperature in your bedroom will feel cooler than the actual temperature, so your body will feel cooler.

Just put your head on the pillow, uh, you've just flown into dreamland, it's powerful, isn't it?

A well-known athlete is also determined to turn his bedroom into an effective training ground. He creates a mountainous atmosphere to his bedroom by lowering the oxygen level, forcing his body to work harder and produce more red blood cells. He claims this method can increase endurance and performance. 

Okay, if you can't sleep either, try massaging your legs for a few minutes. You are guaranteed will be more relaxed. 

And if you're having trouble bending over, just try wiping your earlobe, which turns out to be just as effective. 

Massage your earlobe slowly, then the whole ear, as the ear there are many nerve endings in the ear. By massaging them, you will relax your head and neck muscles. 

As for pillows , sometimes sleeping without a pillow actually feels super delicious, so choose a pillow that is not too thick or thin. 

If you like to sleep on your stomach, you also need to put a pillow under your stomach, try it, so that your sleep is more comfortable. 

I recommend using a silk pillowcase, because the texture is super soft. Even when you wake up, your face will still be glowing, and your hair won't get tangled. Bye-bye lion hair.

Which tips would you like to try? Good luck, sweet dream

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