What Would Happen When We Didn't Sleep For a Long Time?


What would happen when we didn't sleep for a long time?

If you don't sleep for a day, your reactions will be sluggish, your analytical skills will deteriorate, and your stress level will increase. 

After 3 days without sleep you will be irritable and your cognitive abilities will decrease 

A week later your whole body can have serious problems, you can't longer distinguish between reality and imagination and you don't know the conditions around you.

But in January 1964 there was a teenage boy who could stay awake for more than 11 days, and at the end of that experiment he was still normal. 

The longest lasting record for literacy was also published in the Guinness Book of Records. At that time, scientists also had the opportunity to study the structure of the human brain, where it had been since December 1963. 

Schoolboy Rendy Garner and his friend, who was 17 at the time, were brainstorming idea for science project ideas at their school, and the two agreed to do an experiment on sleep. The goal of the experiment was to get them to stay awake as long as possible in order to break the previous record. 

This record was previously held by a DJ who worked for 260 hours straight, or almost eleven days , full of cool music and constant movement to keep the DJ awake. But Rendy found it difficult to keep himself busy all the time, especially at night. 

At first, it was a science project about the effect of insomnia on all human abilities, but Rendy and his friends soon realized that their experimental equipment was inadequate. Then they changed the subject to the impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive abilitiy and basketball skills. 

Rendy had to stay active, while his friends helped him stay awake. At first, everything went smoothly and Rendy's friends noticed all the little changes that occurred in his body. 

Rendy got through the first 2 days easily. He was always excited to go  bed, during the time he looked excited while exercising, while his friends recorded all the little details in a diary.

But on the third day, his friend fell asleep leaning against the wall as he wrote and luckily Rendy was still awake. The two teens immediately knew they needed extra help and they asked one more friend to join them, then wrote an article in the San Diego Newspaper.

William Diamond at Stanford University was interested in the experiment . He had read their articles and was perhaps the only person willing to study the phenomenon of sleep. After everything was ready, William went straight to Rendy. From here, the four of them participated in their sleep experiment. 

They tested Rendy's senses of taste, hearing and smell and 3 days later his cognitive and sensory abilities began to decline. The next day, Rendy felt nauseous. He started walking around the house, but the oranges and the smell of oranges helped relieve the uncomfortable sensation. 

Rendy's two friends took turns sleeping, with him so he wouldn't get bored. If he closed his eyes for a second, he would fall asleep immediately.

One day they played basketball non-stop for hours, the next day they went bowling. At night his condition got worse, they didn't know what to keep Rendy awake. After a while it got boring and difficult. 

But it turns out that after a week without sleep, Rendy is still good at playing basketball. He also outperforms than his friends and his speech sounds clear and logical. 

Most newspapers in the United States started beganwriting about the experiment and Rendy immediately became an instant celebrity and this helped him stay awake. 

Other scientists also came to observe their experiments. They used mathematical exercises to test Rendy's intellectual abilities and found that the results were not satisfying.

The research team began to observe the events around him and the activities performed by the research team also scanned Rendy's brain and then recorded his activity.

Finally, the experiment is almost over. In a few hours Rendy will be able to break the record and he has not slept for almost eleven days.

Scientists then took Rendy to a special hospital to monitor his brain activity while he slept. 

At 2am on January 8, 1964 a new record was set. Rendy can stay awake for 264 hours. 

What happened to Rendy's Brain?

The researchers placed electrodes on his head to monitor his brain activity. He slept very well and a few hours later he woke up to relieve himself and went back to sleep. He slept for 8 hours, 10 hours and woke up after 15 hours.

Surprisingly, he just went to school the people, of course were terrible. Apparently this complicated experiment had no negative consequences. 

Rendy started studying like before, he also played basketball and hung out with his friends. Meanwhile, scientists are still analyzing the results of their research. 

During the research, it turned out that Rendy's brain was still asleep, meaning that a number of parts of his brain were slowly resting when he was playing basketball, his analytical skills were resting when he was working on math problems, the part of the brain responsible for giving reactions was also sleeping . In other words, one part of the brain rests briefly and then wakes up, and the other part of the brain then sleeps.

Rendy is not the first person to stay awake longer than overnight. The ancient human brain also lacked rest, and then began to rest its parts one by one by balancing out its resources. 

But not everyone has this ability, most likely Rendy due to genetic factors. 

Several people also tried to break this tail, but nothing worked, most of the participants experienced serious health problems during the experiment . 

They end up hallucinating, forgetting about the conditions they experienced themselves a few minutes before, they can't even think and they like to throw tantrums. 

No wonder, lack of sleep can make us anxious and stressful. 

Without sleep, your body will can not to function properly and when you are out of the house, it might can even cause problems. 

Even at home, you can forget that the stove or iron is still on, and you run the risk of falling asleep at the most inopportune moment or even seeing a junior and chasing after them without worrying about the consequences. Your appetite can go up or down, which can cause stomach problem. 

This experiment should never be done by anyone, that's why the Guinness Book of Records stops anyone trying to break Rendy's record, so we don't put ourselves in danger.

Okay let's get back to teh story

After a long time, the public began to forget about the record that Rendy won, finally he was interviewed at an event, he admitted that he had suffered from insomnia for a long time after the experiment, for years he had tried to overcome this problem. 

Then, Rendy managed to make a normal sleep schedule, he was able to sleep, but only for a maximum of 6 hours every day. 

The human body is capable of surviving in extreme situations. When you got hungry for a long priod of time, your body will into survival mode, by absorbing nutrients from fat cells and muscle tissue. In this way, the body begins to use all available resources


Humans can live without food for weeks and without water for days. After getting food and drink, our bodies will recover, as well as our endurance. 

In ancient times, people often ran to save themselves from predators, and even bags become used to holding heavy loads. But throughout history, any conditions have not trained us to be literate. That's why our brains are not used to being awake for too long. 

If this is the case, the brain may not be able to recover anymore, because we don't know how to restore it, but our brains maybe develop ways to do so.

Most people today tend to be sleep deprived because social relationships, parties, TV shows, office work, often make us lose track of time, so our brains become more stressed. 

Early humans could have just hunted Mahmud, then returned to the cave and sleept right away. But it's different from now, many of us still surf the internet for hours after a day's work , which of course makes us even more tired, so we need to have a good sleep schedule.

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