What you wear to bed will affect the quality of your sleep

There are few things better to do than slipping straight into your pajamas after a busy day. Believe it or not what you wear to bed will affect your physical and mental health and even your pajamas also affect the quality of your sleep.

Wearing socks makes sleep better

Sleeping with or without socks has long been debated, science recommends wearing socks because keeping your feet warm can help you fall asleep faster and more soundly. 

Socks also help to warm up the circulation in your feet, which opens up blood  vessels that tell the brain that it is time to sleep, the blood vessels will also distribute this warmth throughout your body so that you feel comfortable. Which team are you on, sleep with socks or not?

Pay attention to the fabric of your sleepwear

Cotton is so natural, soft, and comfortable but do you sweat at night?  If so, cotton is not the right choice because it is not ideal when it is damp. If you often sweat while sleeping, wear pajamas made of materials that absorb sweat. 

Surprisingly, silk is great for controlling body temperature but is slippery and expensive, while flannel is perfect for the cold season if your room doesn't have heat. The point is to wear the most comfortable clothes for sleeping according to your needs

Wear loose clothing 

Tight clothing makes sleeping uncomfortable. By tight I mean like leggings or any material that is tightly elastic. Wearing tight clothes while sleeping is not good for blood circulation so it leads to the sleep disturbances that I mentioned earlier. 

Tight clothes also make you sweat, so whether you prefer to wear pajamas or a t-shirt, try to keep them loose and comfortable. By the way, this also applies to your socks, don't wear tight socks when going to sleep.

Avoid buttons, zippers and trinkets

It's true that your pajamas look stylish but these things can irritate your skin and disrupt your precious sleep cycle, you could be allergic to metallic raw materials, right? It doesn't matter if you wear it to relax but not to sleep . Pajamas shouldn't be a pain, especially if you have to go to bathroom in the middle of the night.

Wash your pajamas regularly 

I don't mean to disgust you, but pajamas are a nest of dead skin cells and bacteria from sweat. Besides that, if you like to snack in the middle of the night, leftovers can also get dirty. It is recommended to wash your pajamas after wearing them 3-4 times or you can buy several pairs at once. If you don't wash it, the risk of bacterial infection and skin irritation will increase and your sleep can be disturbed.

Sleep without pajamas

Sleeping naked is very good for health. Look at the ancients, I bet they didn't wear expensive pajamas. Sleeping naked is good for your skin and hair, pores can breathe and it turns out that the body is pretty good at regulating its own temperature, so you won't sweat. 

Low body temperature is good for growth hormone as an anti-aging and increase metabolism. Guess what? sleeping without clothes can increase your metabolism which means you will gain a better weight.

Consider blindfolds

Even if it's not clothing, blindfolds will block light, also use earplugs to block sound, darkness and silence will make your sleep very restful and quality. Science also supports this opinion, covering your eyes and ears while you sleep increases the levels of melatonin, the natural sleep hormone.

Room temperature

Around 18° is the optimal temperature to sleep in any season, neither too hot nor too cold. In winter flannel pajamas can be uncomfortable, the key is to keep the room temperature in balance with your body temperature. 

You may wake up more often in the middle of the night feeling hot rather than cold, colder room temperatures can even increase brown fat, the good fat in your body. 

Drink hot tea before bed

Chamomile and peppermint are relaxing herbs and are popular as tea blends, the good news is this tea contains no caffeine and can be found in supermarkets, there are even teas marketed specifically for sleep-inducing properties.

Put sleep-inducing plants in the room

There are several plants that help you fall asleep but the 3 most popular are lavender, jasmine and aloe vera, all three reduce anxiety and lower heart rate and blood pressure

Aloe vera in particular, is very good at producing oxygen, so you will breathe cleaner air so you will fall asleep more easily.

Plus, the scent of lavender and jasmine is so wonderful that it brings a sense of peace and is relaxation

Breathe in the aromatherapy of essential oils 

Similar to drinking hot herbal tea, herbal scents can also be relaxing. Lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus are the most pleasant, you can inhale from a bottle or it would be better if you have a diffuser. 

Inhaling deeply will make you relax, by add these aromas it can make you fall asleep immediately. As another tip, there are pillow sprays you can buy that contain the essential oils from these herbs. 

Get electronics out of the room

Playing on your phone or tablet while lying down or trying to fall asleep while watching TV is a big temptation, it won't make you fall asleep. These electronics overstimulate the brain, even after we turn them off and on. 

Remember the darkness and silence I mentioned earlier? Electronics are definitely the opposite of that. Also, the light from phone and tablets isn't good for your eyes if your whole room is dark, so don't play games when it's dark. 

Buy a comfortable sheets

You won't regret buying them just like your pajamas, the sheets need to be soft and comfortable and the bed sheets also need to be washed regularly because they are also a place for dead skin cells and bacteria from sweat to accumulate. 

Try different levels of thread density, even though the denser the threads are, the more expensive they are, but good sheets will last a long time.

Go to bed at the same time every night

Maybe this is an old song that doctors often repeat, always repeating it to excess, no matter weekdays or weekends haha. Try going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning

I know I often sleeping in on Saturday mornings too, but this will make your sleep much better in the long run. If your body starts preparing for bed at the same time every day, you will fall asleep faster. 

Avoid midnight snacks

I know snacks are very tempting, everyone likes to eat popcorn while watching TV at night or maybe leftovers from last night's dinner, avoid this temptation. A midnight snack means extra carbohydrates, and the body uses carbohydrates to produce energy, the body may think it's time to move, but it's time to sleep. 

Also, midnight snacks will disrupt your sleep cycle, even if you are not sleeping well, make sure you eat enough healthy food at dinner. 

Vitamin D bath

I mean sunbathing in the morning, in our bodies there is something called a circadian rhythm that is influenced by sunlight. 

Well, it works like this "When the sun comes out it means it's noon, so we need to get up and do activities. When the sun goes down and it gets dark it means the body has to reduce activity so our body gets ready for sleep" This is the most natural and effective way to improve your sleep quality. 

Hopefully the above tips can help you get a better night sleep, have good night!

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