How to Improve Skin Texture with 5 benefits of RETINOL that you may not know

What are the benefits of retinol for facial skin?

It seems like more people familiar with retinol, a substance that is often found in skin care products that has a lot of benefits for the health of facial skin, especially for improving skin elasticity. 

Retinol itself is a derivative of vitamin A that is one of the retinoate groups, from the many facial care products that are now available in the market, products that contain retinol can be said to be one of the favorites, even many have reviewed skin care with this one ingredient, ranging from toner, serum, to moisturizer. Then what are the benefits of retinol for skin health that we can get?

1. Make your facial skin look younger

For those who are already in their 30s or starting to experience signs of aging, you might want to try using products that contain retinol, because retinol can maintain the function of the outer layer of skin as a body protector, keep the skin hydrated and prevent the decrease in collagen production, these benefits which can then make facial skin look younger because it is anti-aging

2. Improve skin texture

Does your facial skin have a rough texture? Try to regularly use products that contain retinol. So this is it, retinol is formed from small molecules that can enter under the epidermis layer, when it is in the middle layer of the skin retinol will give a peeling effect so it is good for skin regeneration. This way, new layers of skin can form and the texture of facial skin can be much softer.

3. Increase skin elasticity

5 Benefits of retinol for facial skin

Ever feel your skin dry to the point where your face feels tight? This could mean reduced skin elasticity, one solution is retinol. The use of retinol is known to increase the thickness of the epidermis so as to stimulate collagen production on facial skin which will keep you away from dry skin so your face becomes more elastic.

4. Fade dark spots

If you rarely use sunscreen when it's hot under the sun be careful, this can cause dark spots on your face but if you already have dark spots on your face try to regularly use products that contain retinol, because according to research retinol can fade dark spots and repair skin damage due to the bad effects of sunlight, not only that, retinol also helps to overcome dark spots on facial skin

5. Prevent acne

Not only interfere with appearance, acne can also cause pain and make you uncomfortable. In addition to maintaining facial hygiene to prevent the risk of acne, you can also try using products that contain retinol. Because, retinol contains comedolytic agents that can prevent the formation of blackheads and acne on facial skin. In addition, retinol can also relieve acne and even help fade scars.

Are there any side effects on retinol?

Although it sounds very useful, but you need to know also that this retinol can cause side effects, especially if you are new to trying or how to use it incorrectly. Some side effects that you can feel from using retinol are dry skin, skin irritation, redness, and inflammation and in some people, the use of retinol can also cause itching and make the skin sensitive to sunlight.

However, generally these side effects are only temporary, they will improve by themselves in a few weeks as you start getting used to using retinol but if your skin is quite sensitive, it's better to consult a dermatologist first before deciding to use Skin Care that contains retinol.

Well, to reduce the risk of side effects from retinol, here are some tips for you to stay safe.

  1. Use retinol at least 30 minutes after washing your face.
  2. For those who are new to using retinol use it little by little, for example 1-2 times a week only to increase your facial skin's tolerance to the ingredient.
  3. Avoid applying retinol around the eyes and mouth area, and don't forget to also apply moisturizer after using products that contain retinol.
  4. Avoid combining retinol with ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, vitamin C, or alpha hydroxy acids, the combination of these ingredients is feared to cause irritation to your skin.
  5. Avoid using retinol in the morning or during the day because exposure to sunlight increases the risk of side effects.
  6. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, we should avoid using retinol because it is feared to pose a risk of causing other health problems. Again, it's better to consult a dermatologist first before using retinol.

That's the benefits and things that we need to know about retinol. Remember, you can't get the benefits of retinol for facial skin instantly. It takes several weeks or even up to 6-12 months to get the desired results, be patient and consistent in using skin care, including retinol.

And before using retinol, make sure the product you choose is registered with the health authority of your country, this is intended so that the product you use is not illegal and guaranteed safe. Hopefully it's useful and can help you get the facial skin of your dreams.

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