Stubborn Acne Won't Go Away? Try products made from these Ingredients

It's quite annoying if acne appears, especially on the face, making us less confident in carrying out activities outside. Maybe there are lots of ways to solve this problem, but have you ever heard of salicylic acid? one of the ingredients that can overcome acne that comes again and again

So, what salicylic acid is? how does it work? and what products contain it? First of all, we have to know first how acne can appear so that we can prevent before treating.

What causes acne?

Acne is a skin condition that occurs due to clogged pores by dirt that causes the accumulation of dead skin cells so that excess oil on the face is uncontrollable. Inside these pores, there are oil glands and hair that can become a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

These bacteria can cause inflammation and infection on the skin resulting in red bumps filled with pus. to treat this acne we need to use products that can clean the pores, reduce excess oil, and relieve inflammation, one of the ingredients that can do this is salicylic acid.

What is salicylic acid

Salicylic acid contains ingredients derived from willow plants or also called salix trees. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties that are able to peel off the top layer of dead skin. That way, salicylic acid can help lift dirt and oil that clogs pores, as well as stimulate the growth of new skin cells that are healthier.

In addition, salicylic acid can also reduce oil production in the skin, thus reducing the risk of acne in the future. Salicylic acid can also kill acne-causing bacteria and relieve inflammation that occurs on the skin. 

So, by using products that contain salicylic acid regularly and according to doctor's advice and instructions for use, you can get rid of acne and prevent it from coming back.

Salicylic acid is usually found in skin care products such as facial wash soap or facial cream with a concentration of 0.5 to 2%. These products are also available in various forms, ranging from gel, acne patch, ointment, to liquid topical medicine. 

You can choose products that suit your skin type and condition, but remember, don't use products that contain salisilat without consulting a doctor first because this ingredient can also cause side effects like skin irritation, redness, itching, and dry skin if used excessively or not suitable for your skin.

Salicylic acid can indeed help you deal with acne, but its use must be careful, if in the near future you will use products that contain salicylic acid, for safety reasons, there are some things you need to apply when using them.

Before using salicylic acid products

Before using it try doing an allergy test first. This allergy test aims to find out whether the product you are going to use is safe or not for your skin, you just need to drop or apply a little product to the back of your hand, then wait for a while.

Well, if there is a reaction such as redness, itching, or heat, you better don't continue using the product, just stop it and consult further with your doctor for product selection that suits your condition.

Be careful and follow the instructions

Although it is sold freely, in some people this salicylic acid can also cause side effects As I mentioned earlier. Therefore, to reduce this risk, always read the instructions for use on the packaging and use according to the rules of use. If you are in doubt or have a specific health condition, it's better to discuss it with your doctor first.

Don't use this product on sensitive areas

The areas I mean are like the eyes, mouth, and nose because these areas are quite sensitive. Not to mention the use of salicylic acid should only be done on problematic skin. So, don't apply or use this ingredient on those areas, okay?

Besides the eyes, mouth, and nose, salicylic acid also should not be used on skin that is irritated, wounded, or infected and if this product accidentally gets on those areas, clean them immediately with clean water for 15 minutes.

Don't combine salicylic acid with other products

Salicylic acid contains active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide so this ingredient is not recommended to be mixed with random products, because if you use those products together with salicylic acid, your skin might become irritated or even feel hot like burning. So, if you want to use other products besides salicylic acid to treat your acne, make sure first that the product is safe to use together with salicylic acid.

Don't use this product too often or too much

Remember, everything that is excessive is not good including the use of salicylic acid. If you use this product too much, your skin might become dry and flaky because the oil production decreases drastically, use this product according to the recommended dose.

Always protect your skin from sun exposure when you use salicylic acid products

Because, salicylic acid can make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure. You don't want your skin that you have been taking care of to get burnt because you don't give enough protection for your skin, right? So, when you go out, especially if you will be outdoors for a long time, use face skin protectors such as hats and don't forget to always use sunscreen.

Don't use this product if you are allergic to Aspirin

This part is very important to note because basically if you have a history of allergies, you have to know what can trigger your allergic reactions so you can avoid them. Well, if you have a history of allergy to Aspirin, it's better not to try using products that contain salicylic acid.

Because, Aspirin is a derivative of salicylic acid, so most likely you are also allergic to salicylic acid. If you force yourself to use this product, your skin might become swollen or itchy.

Don't use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Until now there is no research that really proves the safety of using salicylic acid for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. So, to avoid unwanted risks, it's better to avoid using this product during pregnancy or breastfeeding and if you need alternative products to treat your acne during pregnancy, consult your doctor first.

Those are some things that you need to pay attention when using products contain salicylic acid to get rid of your acne. Products that contain any ingredients always have side effects so before applying them directly to problematic skin always test them first on hand skin.

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