Watching horror movie has a bad impact on health! This the reasons

Who gets freaked out after watching a horror flick? is that truth watching horror movies can mess with your mental health? When you watch a horror flick, you feel scared and nervous because of the creepy and shocking scenes.

The plot is what makes us curious, that's why the sensation of watching horror movies is enjoyed by many people but there are also those who are the opposite, instead of enjoying it, they keep thinking about the scary scenes until they become always anxious and afraid.

And then they can't sleep, even going to the toilet alone is not brave, if according to the term of today's era, it's called you got mental. The movie is scary, the impact is also scary, right?

Well, to find out how far the impact of watching horror movies is for daily life, especially from a medical and psychological point of view, let's check it out!

What are the effects of horror movies on health?

That is right, because of watching horror movies some people can experience the accumulation of negative feelings and thoughts that make their lives uneasy, even always haunted by the scenes in horror movies

There are also those who can have nightmares until they finally get less sleep. It's no secret that lack of rest has a bad effect on health, both physical and mental health. If it continues to happen, it's not impossible that this will lead to various negative effects such as reduced stamina and immunity so you look sleepy, tired and sluggish all day.

Increased sensitivity to stimuli from the surrounding environment. This condition arises as a form of self-protection due to the sensation of feeling threatened by the scenes in horror movies, as a result you become easily anxious and afraid excessively. This can also interfere with concentration even just doing daily activities feels heavy can't focus like that.

Changes in behavior

For example, you always feel like someone is lurking or have to avoid dark and empty rooms, resulting in perceptual disorders which is difficulty in distinguishing what is real and not, even hallucinations can appear

Research shows that things like this can occur in peeps who don't sleep for 3 nights in a row or more, so don't underestimate the impact of watching horror movies, especially if it makes you sleep disturbed!

Especially if you already have a certain psychological condition beforehand such as anxiety disorder, panic disorder and depression that may not have been handled and controlled well medically.

So, how about the impacts that you already know? Are there any that you experience every time you watch a horror movie?

If the impact of watching horror movies that you experience is up to disturbing your daily activities even reducing your performance in work or study, then you are confused also must tell who or maybe you feel overwhelmed with your feelings and fears. There's nothing wrong with trying to consult a professional like a psychologist or psychiatrist

If you are busy and difficult to meet directly try first consult online via application/web that provides expert medical personnel. You can convey various complaints that you experience to a psychologist or psychiatrist so you can be given appropriate treatment.

If it turns out from the consultation results it is necessary to undergo a direct examination to determine the diagnosis and treatment. Usually they will make a face-to-face schedule with a professional closest to your place and now the question is

Is it fine to watch horror movies?

The answer is back to yourself, if you are one of those who likes the sensation of tension and feels that it can relieve stress and not add stress. Yeah go ahead watch horror movies

But if from previous experience it makes you more experienced things that are not pleasant. Yeah don't force it, I understand sometimes feel pressure, especially if friends have invited continuously

Many people also say like "this movie is really cool! You have to watch" but calm down, you don't need to feel left behind by others! remember that your health and peace of mind are much more important than just a matter of fear of missing out. Don't want to do things that are thought to be stress relievers but instead become stress triggers?

Lets say "I actually like the tense sensation and excitement of a movie as long as it's not from a horror movie that has ghosts like that" in this case you might be able to choose another genre film that is no less exciting, and don't leave excessive fear effects after watching, for example, you can choose gener thriller or mystery.

Many also don't relate to ghosts or supernatural beings but make nervous and exciting still get too, right?

To feel more secure try deh invite friends to watch together, so you don't feel scared alone. You can also choose watch at home, that make you more free right? You can set light conditions, can adjust volume yourself so not too shocking.

Once again, that even though it may cause a sensation of fun and fun for some people but for some other people watching horror films can just disturb mental health.

So if you feel not suitable with this one film genre don't force it. Likewise if you have friends or family who are you know they can't watch horror movies, don't force it, try to understand. You also more happy if a person understood and not forced others to do things that you don't like, right?


Okay that's all the information I can convey hopefully useful! By the way which team you are? The team that feels fine after watching a horror movie or the team that feels anxious afraid even to trauma and don't want to watch again?

If you are a loyal fan of horror movies and have friends or relatives who often watch horror movies but they shows signs like I was mention, try share this article so that they more understand with conditions and know what they needs to do.

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