Do you experience nasal congestion? Here are the causes and solutions you need to know

When your nose is stuffy or blocked it must be really annoying. Breathing becomes difficult, even sleeping is not comfortable and what's more annoying is that sometimes the stuffy nose happens suddenly so we don't know what causes it. 

The cause of the stuffy nose itself can be said to be a bit tricky or tend to be difficult to know because there are many. Basically, the nose can become blocked if the lining in the nasal passages swells due to irritation or inflammation, the cause can vary and can indeed occur suddenly. If this is the case, the stuffy nose is acute in nature, but usually mild, while if it occurs gradually over a long period of time it can be categorized as chronic stuffy nose.

Some causes of acute stuffy nose

Acute stuffy nose occurs due to viral infection such as influenza. When you have the flu, a stuffy nose usually only lasts for a few days, the time varies depending on the strength of the immune system to fight infection.

In addition, there is acute sinusitis which is inflammation of the sinuses or cavities in the head that are connected to the nose. This condition usually occurs due to viral infection, but can also be due to bacterial infection that can make your nose feel stuffy and last for about 4 weeks.

Next, there is something called allergic rhinitis. If you have an allergy to certain things like dust or animal fur, don't be surprised if your nose suddenly becomes blocked when you are near the allergen.

In addition, there is also non-allergic, namely vasomotor rhinitis. Unlike the previous one, this one is caused by inflammation of the nasal passages that can occur due to weather changes, strong aromas, exposure to smoke, and also consumption of spicy or hot food. The nose can also become blocked due to foreign objects such as beads or pencil shavings that enter the nose, this condition occurs more often in children.

If the complaint of a stuffy nose does not go away, it could be that a person has chronic stuffy nose which is usually caused by chronic sinusitis. The symptoms can be similar to acute sinusitis, but can last for 12 weeks or more.

This is nasal polyps, which are abnormal tissue growths in the nasal passages.

Abnormal tissues like the picture above usually arise due to chronic nasal inflammation, just like chronic sinusitis a stuffy nose due to nasal polyps can occur for 12 weeks or even more.

Then, there is deviated septum which is a condition when the wall separating the two nostrils shifts, so that one hole narrows. This condition can occur due to congenital abnormalities or injuries to the nose. Well, the severity of a stuffy nose depends on the degree of septum displacement of this nose.

In addition, there are also some other conditions that may be less common like Churg-Strauss syndrome, this condition is very rare because blood vessels in experience inflammation causing symptoms, one of which is a persistent stuffy nose.

There is also Wegener's granulomatosis, which is a condition when blood flow to the nasal organs slows down. As a result, the performance of these organs can be disrupted and cause symptoms, one of which is a stuffy nose.

And lastly, there is nasopharyngeal cancer*or cancer that attacks the throat behind the nasal cavity, but don't panic because this condition is the last thing you need to worry about when your nose is constantly blocked.

Until here we already have an idea of what things can cause a stuffy nose. If we still don't know what the cause is and the stuffy nose doesn't subside, the best solution is to consult directly with the experts, namely a general practitioner or go directly to an ENT doctor.

Then how to deal with it?

Maybe some of us immediately think "just take medicine" Actually, you don't always have to rush to take medicine, if the complaint of a stuffy nose is mild, in the sense that you can still do activities as usual, there is a simple treatment for a stuffy nose that you can do at home.

Inhale warm steam: The way is to prepare a container of warm water, then bring your face close to the container and inhale the steam. You can also add aromatherapy to the warm water, but be careful, don't let the water be too hot.

Position your head higher when lying down: This is done so that the airways can open wider. That way, you can breathe more comfortably when sleeping, you can also use extra pillows to support your head and shoulders.

Drink more water: Yes, this is true. A stuffy nose can be relieved by just drinking water, because water can help thin the mucus in the nose so that it can be more easily removed. Then, if possible also use a humidifier or humidifier device, especially if you use an air conditioner or AC at home. Why? Because if you use AC, usually the air atmosphere becomes drier. Well, this device can maintain air humidity and reduce dust spread in the air so that the airways are also more open and breathing is more relieved.

If you have done all these ways, but your nose is still blocked, you can start considering taking respiratory medicine in the form of nasal spray or pills, but remember it must be according to the doctor's recommendation.

If the stuffy nose persists for a long time especially if there are other complaints like fever, swollen face, shortness of breath, or nosebleeds that don't stop-stop you should immediately see a doctor so that you can confirm what the cause is and also appropriate treatment can be given immediately..

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